My name is Cara Maria Anne McCarron. I'm 44 years old.  I have 4 daughters in all age ranges.

I am the Co-Founder of a company called The Content Company that I started with my partner in 2014.

I have worked since I was 11 and I have worked in many different areas from sales, to retail, to helping disabled individuals.


I've had lots of jobs and a few businesses too. Everything I have experienced over my life so far has brought me here, to a blog where I will share some of my most intimate thoughts and feelings.  I will share some of my tricks to success and many of the things that didn't work for me.

I am a work in progress, everyone is.  Learning that small, but important fact is one of the most powerful things you'll need in order to kill it in all areas of your life.

Hope you enjoy the ride...​;)


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