THE mission

About 20 years ago, I read my first Tony Robbins book.  It changed my life, but that was only the start of real change for me.   Fast forward to Aug 2017 and I found myself at Business Mastery, it changed everything about how I thought about my business.  Since then, I have attended 8 live events and have found deeper purpose in my life.

I have come to realize that it is because of these events and the community that Tony has created, that I have been able to make the changes in life that I have today.  

I have longed to be a part of something probably my whole life and this group and Tony's mission feel like home to me.

I have declared that I will send 1000 women to UPW because I know in my soul that if you have 4 days, that weekend will change your life forever.

I come from adversity and a lot of past trauma, so trust me when I say, sending a woman to this event will absolutely have impact on her life and the life of all those around her!

If you are interested in sponsoring in any way, please reach out to me directly at cara@shestheowner.com


Together, we are going to change the world!

Big Love,


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